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PinPod – the parcel delivery box for your Business


A PinPod parcel delivery box can often be the perfect solution for many businesses. Don’t want to be disturbed with parcel deliveries arriving throughout the day? Or can’t be in two places at the sametime – need to wait for deliveries or collections yet also need to be out visiting clients and customers! Invest in a PinPod secure locker box and it will sign for your parcels on your behalf.


Today's business owners have a lot of things on their plates. There are clients to meet with, paperwork to be done, marketing efforts to be discussed, and so on. As a business owner, the last thing you need is to have to schedule your day around parcel pickups and deliveries. Now you don't have to though. When you install a secure PinPod pickup and delivery box, you can go about your day without having to take time out to deal with parcels.


PinPod is the perfect business solution for the small business owner without a full-time, dedicated shipping and receiving department. PinPod offers you a durable steel drop box that comes complete with the latest electronic locking system. You can rest assured that your parcels will be safe and secure inside.

We offer both wall-mounted and floor-standing models from which you can choose. A wall box is the better choice if your business deals only in smaller packages and parcels. For larger packages or greater volume, consider a floor box. You will have more room to work with without sacrificing security or convenience.

For maximum control, you set up and distribute PIN codes as you see fit. Some companies will issue multi-use codes to vendors they work with routinely. Other times, single-use codes are issued on a per delivery basis. The choice is yours. In either case, an assigned POD (Proof Of Delivery) code also acts as a delivery receipt or confirmation of parcel pickup. You give the couriers the code they need for access, and they enter the POD code into their systems at the time of pickup or drop-off.

PinPod outdoor secure business collection and delivery system for distribution of your company's parcels, packages and spare parts

With the PinPod electronic delivery box, there is no longer a need for you to spend valuable time dealing with package delivery or pickup. Your parcels can be handled at any time of the business day without you having to be directly involved. PinPod is your safe, secure, and efficient solution for small business shipping and receiving. Investing in a PinPod outdoor parcel delivery box now will pay big dividends for your business.

PinPod - the parcel delivery and receiving management system for businesses everywhere