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PinPod parcel delivery safe for the Environment

The modern UK company has a responsibility to protect the environment; this responsibility is just as important as any other aspect of business. To that end, one of the reasons for developing PinPod was to provide businesses and homes a delivery system that enables couriers to do their jobs first time, every time. Simply put, having a PinPod drop box installed at your home or office eliminates the need for second and third deliveries.

It has been estimated that approximately 10-20% of parcel deliveries in the UK have to go out for delivery multiple times before being accepted. Every additional delivery attempt beyond the first requires even more fuel consumption by the courier company. Imagine the potential fuel savings and reduced carbon output we could achieve if all of those additional delivery attempts were eliminated. That is one of the goals of PinPod.

We are working hard to ensure widespread adoption of our business and home delivery system all across the UK. We want our name to be as synonymous with the delivery drop box as the Coke name is with cola. And that's not just here in the UK; we envision the day when PinPod is seen as a global standard for parcel delivery and pickup.

In order to be that solution provider we have to offer customers a product they want. To that end, we are constantly developing PinPod to be better. PinPod parcel delivery boxes are made of solid steel with no weak points for forced entry. Each of our outdoor delivery boxes is fitted with a secure electronic locking system and manual override lock for maximum protection. Of course, PinPod delivery box owners maintain total control of access by issuing PIN codes for either single or multiple uses.

You can help reduce the UK carbon footprint by getting a PinPod drop box for your home or business. Eliminating second and third deliveries may seem a small matter, but it all adds up over time. If everyone in the UK used PinPod, it would translate into a tremendous reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We hope you will consider doing your part today.