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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if the batteries run out?

A. PinPod will warn you when your batteries are running low and need replacing. There is a low battery warning LED on the front of the door / lid. In the event that you ignore or forget then for security purposes, just prior to the point when the batteries are exhausted PinPod is designed to default to a state where the door or lid will be locked. If this should happen, you will need to use the keys supplied with the unit when you purchased it and open the unit via the manual override lock. You can then detach the battery cover on the inside of the door or lid and replace the batteries.

Q. What are the dimensions?

A. Pinpod Lo, floor standing units are approx. 109cm wide x 64cm deep x 60cm high. Note these are external dimensions – the inner dimensions will be slightly smaller due to the angled shape of the front of the lid, the protrusion of the electronics module, wall and/or floor fixings etc. Pinpod Hi, wall mounted units are approx : external 43cm x 35cm x 36cm w x h x d, internal 35cm x 22cm x 26cm w x h x d.

Q. How does it secure to the wall or floor?

A. There are holes on the base and rear panels. Your Pinpod attaches to the wall or floor, from the inside of the enclosure, using the fixings provided. This creates a secure anti-theft installation as the fixings are not accessible provided the unit is locked.

Q. What happens if I lose my Master PIN number?

A. Providing you have correctly registered your PINPOD you can contact us and we are able retrieve your Master PIN.

Q. How can I be sure that the PIN number will appear on the parcel that I order?

A. Most websites have an “additional comments” field at the Checkout. Depending on character restrictions you can type in a message here such as “PINPOD code 3457” or “Please leave in my PinPod – access code is 3457” or “Leave in PinPod at side of house. PIN for access is 3457 – PinPod will give you a POD “Proof of Delivery” code as my signature”. Alternatively, if the website does not have an “additional comments” field you can simply incorporate the PIN number into the address field, e.g.

Sarah Perkins

24 Acacia Avenue (PINPOD code 3457)


Beds LU4 6RZ


Q. Can I use different PIN numbers or do I have to use the same PIN number each time I order?

A. With PinPod the choice is yours depending on the level of security that you require. You can use a single use only Guest PIN or you can use a multi-use PIN. We would recommend that you use the single use Guest PIN which means that you create a different PIN each time you order. Once the delivery has been made the PIN will expire so that it can’t be used again. However if you have a relative or a neighbour that you trust then you can give them a multi-use PIN which means they can use the same number time and time again to gain access.

Q. Which retailers can I use when shopping with PinPod?

A. Any. PinPod will generate a secure PIN code or you can pre-program it with your own PIN - you then simply enter this into the address field or the "extra comments" field when shopping online - this will ensure your PIN number is printed onto the shipping address label or delivery note ready for the delivery driver to read and enter into the keypad on your PinPod. So, the answer is that you can shop at any online or catalogue retailer with PinPod.  Alternatively, if you're out shopping in your favourite department store and you choose something that the retailer doesn't have in stock or perhaps which you prefer not to carry home with you, then you can just make up a 4 digit PIN number on the spot and give this to the retailer - you then of course must remember to program this into your PinPod when you return home.

Q. Which carriers and delivery companies can use PinPod?

A. Any. The unique PIN number will be visible to them on the label or delivery note.  PinPod has been specifically designed to work for all carriers and delivery companies, regardless of whether they use the latest electronic hand-held scanners or just a pencil and clipboard. They can also easily copy your PinPod's unique Proof Of Delivery (POD) "signature" code from the LCD display and either key this into their handheld terminal or write it in the box where normally you would sign.  PinPod Ltd is informing and training their drivers how to use the PinPod system but you may find one or two who aren't aware. If you do, just show them where your PinPod is and how to use the parcel code to open it.

Q. Can't someone simply steal the whole PinPod?

A. No. It's bolted from the inside to the wall and/or the ground - or to the top of the optional post-mount support.

Q. Does PinPod need to be connected to mains electricity?

A. No. It's a stand-alone battery powered system.  There is however a Power Supply Unit (PSU) you can purchase as an optional extra.  This is available with different cable lengths depending on your requirement.  The PSU can be plugged into an available electricity socket inside your house and the cable can be fed through a hole in the PinPod and plugged into a socket in the rear of the electronics and battery compartment cover.

Q. How does it stand up to the weather?

A. PinPod has been specifically designed for outdoor use. Some other parcel boxes on the market use the electronic keypad from hotel safe manufaturers. These were never designed for the outdoors and will quickly corrode and deteriorate. The PinPod outdoor parcel box's electronics are designed with outdoor use in mind. We use a completely waterproof membrane keypad. The electronics are sheltered within a plastic housing which is situated on the rear of the door/lid. The electronics have been designed with low voltage considerations. All circuitry has been conformally coated for protection against condensation. The electronics of the secure delivery box have been designed to operate in extremes of heat and cold. In very extreme cold, battery power can become an issue. As an optional extra, we offer a mains Power Supply Unit (PSU) with different cable lengths so if you live somewhere where the cold is a particular issue, then we would definitely recommend that you purchase one of these.

Q. What if my PinPod isn't big enough?

A. Well, the first thing to say is that there are currently two sizes available; the wall-mounted PinPod Hi and the much larger floor-standing PinPod Lo - and we do plan to increase the range to include more sizes, shapes and colours in the future.  But in any event, if the carrier arrives and the parcel or goods will not fit then the worst case is that you're in the same situation you're in today - i.e. the courier will either leave it with a neighbour or "card" the delivery.  However another option to consider is to leave a key to your shed, garage or outhouse inside your PinPod.  You will then need to request that the carrier uses the PIN that you have provided to gain access to the key and obviously request that he returns it securely back to your PinPod unit once your goods have been delivered securely.  Providing your retailer is happy to oblige, then this can work well as a solution for deliveries of large white goods, crates of wine, furniture, large electrical goods, supermarket groceries etc. Clearly there are security implications and both you and the retailer will need to assess the risk and come to an agreement - but it is an option. 

Q. Do you supply in other colours?

A. There are currently 9 different model/colour combinations. One of the advantages with making PinPod in steel is that it is quite possible to paint the box to better suit the colour of your property if you wish.

PinPod Lo - large parcel receiving box - at an ideal height for wheelchair users

Q. Could a child accidentally get trapped inside the large floor standing PinPod Lo? Is there any risk of suffocation?

A. No. If the lid closed a child would easily be able to push it open from the inside. In order to lock it the handle has to be twisted to the locked position from the outside. The box is also vented with various small holes in the base so there's no danger of suffocation either.

Q. Is PinPod suitable for disabled people?

A. Yes. PinPod is especially helpful for disabled people who generally shop online more because of the difficulties and challenges of getting out to the shops. Some disabled people for example have medications delivered very frequently. For many infirm, elderly or disabled people It can often be difficult to get to the door in time. For some it can be hard to hear the doorbell ring. With the wall-mounted PinPod Hi a disabled person in a wheelchair can have it fixed at just the right height. The larger floor standing PinPod Lo is relatively easy to access with a wheelchair.

Q. Are there assembly instructions with the PinPod Lo? Is it easy to install?

A. Yes, just click on the "MyPinPod" button and you can read them or print them off. There's also a video.

Q. How easy is PinPod to use? Are full user instructions available?

A. PinPod has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. A comprehensive, easy to follow User Guide is available to read or print off by clicking on the "My PinPod" button.