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Home Parcel Delivery Box

For most of the year the parcel delivery companies all appear to have plenty of capacity and competition between them to win business is fierce. Christmas time though often sorts the boys from the men. It’s then that many of us start to feel stress as delays build up in the system and we’re frantically shopping online trying to complete our Christmas shopping before the big day. As November moves to December, as Black Friday and Manic Monday come and go, stress can start to become panic. Many of the people we speak to say that this is the time when they would really appreciate the value of a product such as PinPod, the new home parcel delivery box for internet shoppers.

But actually when you think about it, home parcel delivery boxes make sense at any time of the year. If you treat it as an investment in your property, as a long term solution to managing deliveries and collections at home then the true value starts to become clear. The inescapable truth is that online shopping is here to stay and will continue to grow. Most of the difficulties with internet shopping that we experienced in the early days have disappeared. Most retailers have now adopted an e-commerce platform. Security issues around shopping online are now much better understood by people. Website design has improved and navigating through sites has become second nature, especially to the younger generation – even the “silver surfers” are finding it easier and easier to move seamlessly from shopping cart to checkout. Consumer legislation gives internet shoppers the right to return anything bought online almost without having to give a reason. Over the past 7 years even during the worst recession the world has ever known, growth in online shopping has continued to soar.

And it’s showing no sign of slowing down. It’s not just internet shopping. Mail order and TV shopping are also booming. The truth is we moan about the decline of the High Street but we all love the convenience and the lower prices shopping from our PC or laptop at home or on our tablets or smart phones when out and about. But there’s still one major problem, isn’t there?

Being there. Being at home to receive your parcel or package. That’s the problem.

Soon, as remote shopping becomes the main way in which we buy our goods, the stresses and hassles that most of us currently experience predominantly at Christmas time will become the norm throughout the whole year.

Investing in a PinPod home parcel delivery box really is the long term answer to this growing problem. PinPod is a secure, intelligent parcel delivery box designed for people who conduct their shopping at home by mail order or online.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

- PinPod uses a different PIN number for each delivery

- PinPod actually "signs" for the goods with a unique POD code

- it works for all carriers and all retailers

- available in two sizes and a range of colours

- a simple DIY installation - bolts securely to the wall or floor from the inside

- battery powered with optional mains power supply unit

- it also works for collections


With PinPod you need never miss another delivery. Couriers love it because they can be sure to deliver parcels and packages directly to your home first time, every time - it saves them time and fuel. Online retailers love it because they can be sure of a 100% perfect shopping experience for their customers and it also makes arranging returns a lot easier.

  • Now for the first time, enjoy a 100% perfect shopping experience, when you buy online
  • No more "Sorry We Missed You" cards
  • The PinPod home parcel delivery box is always in, even when you're out!
  • Tough powder coated steel construction
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation with waterproof keypad
  • Multipoint electronic locking system with manual key operated over-ride facility


A PinPod home delivery box is particularly suitable for disabled or mobility impaired people. And here’s why –

  • Disabled people shop online more because of the difficulties in getting to the shops.
  • Some disabled people have medications delivered very frequently.
  • It can often be difficult to get to the door in time. For some, it can be hard to hear the doorbell ring.
  • With the wall-mounted PinPod Hi a disabled person in a wheelchair can have it fixed at just the right height.
  • The larger floor standing PinPod Lo is relatively easy to access with a wheelchair.

Imagine a future where every home has a parcel delivery box outside. How much easier would life be. But with PinPod you don’t need to wait – the solution to the problem is here now. PinPod … what are you waiting for?