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How does the PinPod parcel delivery box work?

PinPod is a patented standalone system which uses PIN (Personal Identification Number) numbers for access control and issues POD (Proof of Delivery) codes which in effect “sign for” the goods on your behalf – hence the name PIN POD!

With a PinPod parcel delivery box you can set the level of security to suit your own requirement. You can choose to issue a repeat use PIN number to someone you trust and are happy to allow access on a regular basis e.g. friends, relatives, milkman … or you can issue multiple, single-use only, “Guest” PIN numbers to allow secure access for multiple deliveries e.g, internet shopping, TV shopping, mail order … You can either, create your own PIN number (and then pre-program your PinPod ready to recognise and accept that delivery), or you can select from the PinPod’s own randomly generated list of suggested PIN numbers.

When shopping on the internet you can either incorporate your PIN number into the address field e.g. Fred Bloggs, 26 Acacia Avenue (PINPOD code 4875), Coventry, CV2 9PX and/or enter it in the additional information field e.g. “Please leave in my PinPod box at side of house: PIN code for access is 4875”. In this way you can be sure that the delivery driver will be able to read the PIN number on the parcel label or delivery note and leave your goods safely in your PinPod box without you having to stay in all day waiting for your parcel. With a single-use only “Guest” PIN, once the delivery has been made, the PIN number is automatically deleted from your PinPod’s log and deactivated so that the delivery driver cannot come back and use it again. Your PinPod logs the date and time that each PIN number is used and you can scroll through the log afterwards to check the date / time that each was accessed. As PinPod gains more general acceptance we expect online retailers to provide a specific field for PIN input on the delivery details page.

As a PinPod parcel delivery box owner you will initially need to register your PinPod on the PinPod website. You can set up your own secure Master PIN to enable you to access your PinPod whenever you need. Don’t worry – if you forget your Master PIN there is a reset procedure! You also have a manual override key to open / close the box if you prefer or if you need to replace the batteries.

Having received your delivery, the PinPod parcel delivery box issues the delivery company a randomly generated, encrypted, alpha-numeric, time stamped POD (Proof of Delivery) code. The delivery driver records this by simply copying the code into the data field on his handheld terminal or hard copy delivery document where normally you would be required to sign. This POD code changes for each delivery and in the event of a dispute can be decoded to provide part of the unique Electronic Serial Number of the particular PinPod box from which can be determined the registered name and address of the owner of the box. The POD code also contains the date and the time of the delivery (or collection). Since the probability of any two POD codes being generated identically is in the region of 600 billion to one, the POD code can be considered much more secure than a human signature. PinPod is good news for parcel carriers and delivery companies as it provides them with the opportunity to deliver first time every time and with the confidence that they have absolute proof they have delivered your goods. The product can be used by delivery companies regardless of whether they use a hand-held scanner or a simple clip board and paper signature recording system and so can be used globally by any parcel company regardless of their level of technology investment.