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Parcel Post Box

Our brand new premium range of parcel post boxes is designed for customers who regularly shop on the internet. PinPod has taken many years of research and development and we are very excited about its potential.

PinPod is our patented electronic parcel post box designed for both deliveries and also collections. There are currently two sizes, the "Hi" which is a wall or post-mountable version and the "Lo" which is a much larger floor-standing version. Both can be bolted to the wall or ground securely from the inside to prevent theft. They are battery operated, yet designed for outdoor use, i.e. resistant to weather and temperature extremes.

With a PinPod parcel post box you never have to miss another delivery. You can place your online shopping orders incorporating a PIN number into your address or in the "extra comments" section. You can use a different PIN number for each delivery. The carrier accesses the PinPod with the PIN and leaves your goods. And here's the really clever thing - it actually "signs" for the goods on your behalf! The LCD screen displays a POD (Proof Of Delivery) code which the courier simply records onto his paper or hand-held electronic data capture "gizmo". This is a 9 digit alphanumeric code, which differs for each delivery or collection. Encrypted within this code is part of the unique electronic serial number (which links to the registered name/address of the PinPod box) and also the date and time. The chances of any two codes being identical are in excess of 656 billion to one - we like to think that this is even more secure than a human signature!

With a PinPod parcel post box outside your front door you need never worry about missing the courier again – whether that be for a delivery or a collection. Yes, it works for collections too, so if you run a small business from home, if you sell things on eBay for example or if you need to return an item to an online retailer or mail order company then just provide the courier company with a PIN number, leave the goods in the parcel post box and then just go about your everyday life without the hassle and stress of having to stay in all day waiting for the delivery driver to turn up.