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Parcel Storage Box

So, why choose a PinPod parcel storage box? Whether you buy from mail order catalogues, from TV shopping channels or from the thousands of online websites then like millions of us you’re faced with the growing problem of how to receive your parcels without being forced to stay in all day waiting for them to arrive.  A parcel storage box is the obvious answer.

PinPod Hi in the High Street

There are numerous cheap parcel storage boxes on the market but beware! Most of them are not particularly secure and are designed to receive just one delivery at a time. Also unless the parcel storage box is able to supply the courier with some kind of unique identifier code that changes for each delivery then despite the manufacturer’s claims it does not offer true proof of delivery and as such some carriers will be reluctant to leave your goods there – particularly high value items such as mobile phones.

PinPod - parcel storage safe box for your home

Beware parcel boxes that incorporate the same electronics and keypad that you would find in one of those cheap safes that you can buy from a DIY store or that you find inside the wardrobe of a hotel. They are not waterproof or able to operate effectively at extremes of temperature. They are designed for indoor use, not for the outdoors. During the research and development of PinPod we tested a number of them and found that after just 3 months they stopped working. When we opened up the electronics we found that the printed circuit boards and electrical terminals had corroded from water ingress and from internal condensation. Consequently when we developed PinPod we used a waterproof membrane keypad and designed the product to function properly in an outdoor environment in all seasons.

PinPod Hi - wall-mounted parcel storage box

Also, beware any parcel storage box made of plastic. These parcel storage pods or boxes are cheap for a reason: plastic is less expensive than steel but it is not secure. Anyone can buy a cheap blow torch, the type you use to scrape paint from your property, for less than £10.00 and silently burn their way into these boxes in just seconds!

When considering a box to receive and store parcels think about what type of locking mechanism. Clearly you need a lockable box but then what about the logistics and security implications of using one or more keys. An electronic parcel box such as PinPod has the advantage that a different PIN number can be issued and used for each separate delivery. Once used the PIN number becomes inactive a short while later and cannot be used again.

PinPod Hi - post-mounted parcel storage box

PinPod parcel storage boxes, unlike other parcel boxes on the market, also issue to the courier a unique POD (Proof Of Delivery) code. This code is verifiable and differs for each separate delivery – it contains within it part of the PinPod’s unique electronic serial number, the date and time of the delivery (or collection). Fitting your PinPod is a simple DIY task. Simply drill a few holes to a wall or the ground and fix it securely from the inside of the box with the wall plugs and bolts provided. No need for mains installation, your PinPod is low voltage and battery powered. If you’re the kind of person who gets his children to programme the TV remote then don’t worry:  PinPod has also been designed to be really simple and intuitive to operate.

PinPod Lo - large parcel storage box