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PinPod – the Secure Parcel Delivery Box for Your Home

In the old days, you could trust that packages left by a courier or the postman would be safe and secure outside your front door. However, times have changed. These days, there is always the risk of packages being stolen when left unsecured and unattended. Of course, the weather is also a concern. Increasingly parcel delivery companies will simply refuse to leave goods without a signature. 

If you're out when a courier attempts delivery, some couriers will try and leave them with your neighbour but is that really what you want?

You can eliminate all your worries with a PinPod home delivery box. PinPod is a safe, secure and easy to install solution for package delivery and pickup. When you purchase either a wall-mounted or floor standing unit, you are purchasing a complete solution that acts as both a delivery safe and pickup box.

If you and your family are among the growing number of people who shop over the internet or from mail order catalogues or from TV shopping channels, then you should invest in a PinPod delivery safe for your home. Choose from the smaller wall-mounted PinPod Hi, if your parcels and packages are generally on the small side – books, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, clothes, shoes, important documents, jewellery, items of value, watches, etc. If your purchases tend to be larger, or you’re often ordering several items at a time, you’ll want the much larger PinPod Lo, floor-standing parcel delivery box. Both models can be securely attached to the wall or floor with the fixings included.  The PinPod Hi can also be secured to the optional post-mount support if you prefer.

PinPod Hi - parcel safe box with optional steel post support
PinPod Hi - parcel safe box with fence post support mount


PinPod is also the ideal solution if you’re an avid eBayer, making multiple purchases or sales every month!  Remember – while PinPod is ideal for parcel deliveries, it’s also perfect for collections. Alternatively, perhaps you prefer to shop on Amazon for the greatest variety and best prices. Regardless of where you shop online, you can keep your delivery secure with a PinPod floor or wall box. As for security, you are in control. You set the master PIN for yourself. You can then use multi or single-use PINS for accepting deliveries. The PIN code controls access to your drop box while the POD code acts as an electronic delivery receipt.

PinPod - gateway to internet shopping

PinPod saves you having to stay in all day waiting for the courier. Yes, now you do not have to waste your time waiting for the courier to arrive. You can leave your home in complete confidence that any deliveries will be safely secured and protected against weather and theft.  Moreover, the PinPod electronic parcel delivery box is also great if you’re busy or you can’t always get to the door in time. If you are at home when deliveries arrive, there is no need for you to immediately stop what you're doing to answer the door. Let your PinPod parcel delivery system take care of it.

PinPod is the safe, secure, and revolutionary home delivery system for package receiving and pickup. If you accept package deliveries regularly, you owe it to yourself to look into PinPod today.


PinPod Hi - home delivery parcel safe
PinPod - bring your property into the 21st century!