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Pinpod Lo Assembly Instructions


PinPod assembly instructions step 1
PinPod packages

The Pinpod Lo comes in 3 packages

Carton 1 contains:
The Lid, small parts and fixings

Carton 2 contains:
Left & Right side panels

Carton 3 contains:
Base, Rear & Front panels


It is possible for one person to assemble a PinPod Lo, however we recommend two. One to do the actual assembly, the other to stop bits falling over, offer unwanted advice and make tea.

The basic assembly concept is that the panels slide together, are then held in place with nuts or screws and finally secured at the bottom by folding down the steel locking tabs.

All holes have been pre-drilled to make assembly quick and easy.

The main parts are clearly labelled, this includes the two side panels, front & rear panels, base and hinged lid. These In addition you will need to locate the feet and hinged lid stay. The electronics and lock mechanism are already fitted to the lid.

You’ll need a correct size cross-head screwdriver and an 8mm socket or spanner. A suitable hex (or Allen) key is included. If you decide to fit the feet you will need a 13mm spanner to fit the M8 nuts.

 Base Panel (shown from the rear) 

Take the base panel and lay it flat on the floor. To identify which way round the base is… there are 3 horizontal slots at the rear and 3 metal locating tabs sticking up at the front. See picture above.



The basic order for assembly is base, rear, sides, front, lid and lid stay.

PinPod Lo assembly instructions step 3
PinPod rear panel


A couple of things to point out on the rear panel – the horizontal return (looks like a narrow shelf) and the slots at the top that the sides slide into.


Rear Panel

Slide the metal tabs, located at the bottom of the rear panel, into the three horizontal slots on the base.




PinPod Lo assembly instructions step 4
PinPod side panel


Side Panels

Take either of the side panels and with the side at approx 45º to the rear panel, slide it into the vertical channel at the edge of the rear panel while ensuring the top edge of the side fits into the slot at the top.

(Photo shows the left side panel.)

Once located, carefully swing the front edge of the side panel towards the base and slide the bottom tabs into the slots. The bracket at the top will go over the two studs. Repeat with the other side.


PinPod Lo assembly instructions step 5
PinPod front panel - viewed from inside



Front Panel

Locate the two hooks on the front panel into the slots on either side and slide it down into the slots and slide the three slots, at the bottom, over the tabs on the base panel.




PinPod Lo assembly instructions step 6
Front panel fitted to base - viewed from inside


Top Tip – lay a couple of strips of corrugated cardboard (or similar) over the front edge of the base so when the front slides down over the locating tabs your fingers won’t get squashed.

Go on - ask me how I learnt that one…






PinPod Lo assembly instructions step 7
Side panel fitted to rear panel studs

Now start to screw it all together:

At the top of the rear panel are four studs, two on either side.

Put an M4 washer and nut on all four, and tighten them, while gently pushing the side panel inwards.

I suggest using an 8mm socket and ratchet. Don’t over-tighten the nuts.






PinPod Lo assembly instructions step 8
3 holes in each corner


Next locate the three holes in each corner.

The screws go through the front and back panels into threaded inserts in the sides.

Fit a washer on each of the 12 (M4 x 20) cross-head screws.




Although it is generally a one person task to assemble the PinPod, for safety we suggest you get help to offer up the lid to the base.

It is at this point you will appreciate what a wondrous and useful gift the Allen hex key is…

Before fitting the lid, you will need to have the manual override key available to enable you to open or close the PinPod, before you have fitted the batteries and enabled the electronic locking system.

With the lid rested vertically on the horizontal rear “shelf”, and the hinge roughly parallel to the lid, use four M4 Allen head screws with washers, from the rear, to fix the hinge to the hank bushes in the rear panel.

PinPod Lo assembly instructions step 9
PinPod lid stay


Lid Stay

The Lid stay will only fit one way. It has two sections, the shorter one fits to the base with the pivot pointing down and away from the side.

Loosely fit two M4 nuts and washers to the studs on the right side panel, then fit the other end to the two on the lid.

Tighten them up – but don’t over-tighten.



Once you are certain everything is where it should be, you can bend over the steel locking tabs. You should be able bend them downwards, using your thumb, fairly easily.

If required, fit the four feet to the base using the M8 nuts and washers, through the four holes nearest the corners of the base panel. If the ground is uneven, use additional M8 washers to level your PinPod.

If you aren’t fixing your PinPod to a wall use the two rubber bungs to fill the holes in the rear panel. Two M10 x 50 wall plugs and hex headed screws are included. You will need a 10mm masonry drill and a 13mm socket or spanner.

Holes are provided in the base if you wish to anchor the PinPod to the ground using additional hardware.


Don’t panic if you have some screws and other bits left over, we have put a few spares in… just in case.


Your feedback is welcome.

We have tried to make these instructions easy to follow. However, having put together many of these units, we accept we may have missed some important details.

If you feel the assembly instructions could be improved, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your comments.