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PinPod - the Secure Parcel Delivery Safe Box and Parcel Locker Box 

Secure Parcel Delivery Safe Box
PinPod Secure Home Parcel Delivery Safe / Locker Box

PinPod is a secure parcel delivery safe box made from solid steel.  Beware of other inferior parcel boxes made of plastic, which can be infiltrated quickly and silently with a blow torch or sawn into in no time at all.  PinPod can be secured to a wall or floor from the inside with up to 4 solid 8mm steel fixings. It incorporates a strong multi-point electronic locking system with a manual override mechanical lock to resist attempted theft from all but the most determined of thieves.

PinPod's internal weatherproof electronics
PinPod Lo - lid safety stay
PinPod Lo - large security locker box with weatherproof electronics

Protected from the elements, PinPod’s waterproof electronics and keypad membrane have been specifically designed to operate outdoors in extremes of weather and temperature.

PinPod - weatherproof membrane keypad

Your PinPod secure parcel safe has been designed to operate as an independent standalone system without a centralised "hub and spoke" or "command and control" type systems architecture.  Apart from the initial registration of your PinPod parcel delivery box, which is operated centrally from the PinPod website, it can be regarded as a completely decentralised system - this means that the PinPod system does not suffer from any overall single point of weakness. The Master PIN for each PinPod parcel delivery box is created and known only by each individual owner. Each owner can determine the level of security that they require by choosing whether to issue a single-use or multi-use PIN number. The system incorporates keypad anti-tamper software to detect multiple PIN number attempts from a suspected thief.

PinPod - PIN number access control

PinPod operates with multiple single-use, one time only PIN numbers which can be active simultaneously thus enabling multiple deliveries and/or collections. But PinPod can also be used with a multi-use, repeatable PIN - the choice is yours, depending on the situation and the desired level of security. 

The unique "Proof Of Delivery" or "POD" code issued to the parcel delivery companies differs for each individual delivery or pickup.  The chances of any two codes being generated identically are in excess of 656 billion to one, making the POD code, we believe even more secure than a human signature! Encyrpted within the POD code are the date and time of the delivery, together with part of the PinPod parcel delivery box's unique electronic serial number, which in turn is linked to the registered name and address of the owner. In the event of a dispute PinPod Ltd will be able to assist by providing this if called for. 

PinPod parcel safe - safe as ...
PinPod - with secure steel post-mount option