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PinPod Parcel Delivery System - Trade Info

Parcel Carriers

For parcel distribution companies the cost of delivering the vast and rapidly growing amount of shopping, that's bought online, requires a very careful balancing act. Carriers need to make a profit, while shoppers, often buying purely on price and expecting instant delivery, are reluctant to pay for the service. Parcel carriers and delivery companies welcome PinPod as it ensures a delivery can be made securely first time every time – and with absolute proof of delivery. PinPod parcel delivery boxes reduce the level of customer service issues associated with failed deliveries. PinPod works equally for both deliveries and collections. Over time we see PinPod becoming a de facto standard.  It will become a national and perhaps international system, enabling every delivery to reach its destination securely first time every time with massive reductions in fuel usage, carbon footprint and pollution from parcel carriers and distribution companies everywhere. By becoming a "PinPod Partner" parcel carriers can actually earn revenue in addition to reducing their costs significantly. If you're a mail, parcel or express carrier call us now to discuss.



Internet retailers and mail order companies benefit significantly from PinPod. The convenience and security of PinPod ownership removes a potential barrier to sales and improves the entire shopping experience for their customers.  A positive delivery experience encourages repeat purchase.  90% are more likely to shop again from an etailer if they are happy with the delivery service. PinPod enables huge benefits to internet retailers’ “reverse logistics” systems and processes - product returns are so much easier when dealing with a PinPod customer. Retailers can choose to purchase and hold stock or take advantage of our direct despatch or commission on sales offer, i.e. without the need to commit to stock. 

PinPod also supplies display models and in-store merchandising materials to support traditional bricks and mortar shop owners. Whether you sell B2B or B2C, talk to us now about our zero commercial risk offer.

If you're a retailer call us now to discuss how you can become a "PinPod Partner" and help your customers help both you and themselves.

PinPod now on sale at the Post Office

Custom Business Solutions

If your business or organisation requires a secure delivery management or access control system then perhaps we can help? PinPod has been designed such that it can easily be integrated into other company’s products.  Our technology has been designed to operate outdoors in all weathers and can operate as either a mains or battery powered system. The electronic multipoint locking system has an integral manual override and the software can be adapted to operate either with or without our unique POD (Proof Of Delivery) coding functionality.  We can supply the system in any shape or size enclosure to meet a client’s specific requirement - single or multi-compartment; wall-mounted, post-mounted or floor-mounted; cabinet, chest, tipping tray or lockerbox style. We can also incorporate into new build homes and offices.  Delivery / collection boxes can be supplied in plastic, FRP or solid steel. PinPod's system can be configured to function with both single use and/or multi use PIN numbers, date/time log and if required our extremely secure signature code option. We can offer businesses, small and large, customised or OEM solutions to suit their specific requirements.  Contact us now and we’ll be happy to listen to your needs and provide a quotation.


PinPod in action at a busy petrol station as part of a private parts distribution and collection network
Dropping off a sack of tonight's collections in the secure, multiple PIN number controlled, steel, outdoor PinPod electronic locker box as part of a customised private business system
Have an idea for your own business' secure distribution, delivery or collection system - talk to us now for a fully customised solution - - ... what are you waiting for?


Whether you sell to the business community or to the consumer, why not become one of our authorised sales affiliates? If you are an internet retailer and you are happy to endorse and actively promote PinPod, if you operate a website or directory or you write articles or you maintain a Blog then why not consider becoming an affiliate?  We have a range of ready-to-go website banners to make it quick and easy. Our affiliates will earn commission on any sales resulting from linking to our website.  You can earn sales commission without the commercial risk of purchasing stock . We've also designed a range of attractive website banners which you can copy/paste onto your site embedded with a unique tracking code so that we can identify the source of any sales resulting from affiliate in-links. If you’d like to apply and learn more, then complete the application form here.

Website banners - different sizes - ready made for our affiliates