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PinPod Owners Guide

Thank you for purchasing this PinPod parcel reception box.

Panel Features

PinPod Parcel delivery box - Panel Features

Door handle

You must enter a valid PIN code or use the Mechanical Override key, then turn the handle clockwise 90° to unlock and open the door.

Key operated manual override lock

Insert the supplied key and turn it clockwise to override the electronic locking mechanism. You will then be able to open the door by rotating the handle clockwise 90°.


The backlit, 20 character x 2 line, alpha-numeric display will provide information and instructions to guide you through the various functions.

Data input keypad

Use the keypad to enter numeric values, i.e. PIN codes, dates & times.

The special function keys are:


× Cancel/Back

The arrow keys ⇑ and ⇓ are used to scroll up and down through the main menu, “Active PIN List” and “Used PIN Log”.

“pod” button

The “pod” button can be used by a driver to display the Proof Of Delivery code again if they have not had enough time to make a record of it.

Low Battery Warning LED

When this red LED starts to flash you will need to think about replacing the 4 x C type batteries. If the batteries go completely flat the PinPod will default to a locked status. You can still open and lock the door manually using the key, however, until the batteries are replaced, your PinPod will be unable to receive any deliveries.

Mounting your PinPod

Your PinPod comes with plastic wall plugs and hex headed screws. To fix you will need a 13mm socket or spanner, a suitable size masonry drill and maybe a hammer to tap in the wall plugs.

You will need to unlock your Pinpod using the manual override key. Mark the wall or floor through the holes from the inside of the PinPod, using a spirit level to ensure it is straight if necessary. The wall plugs supplied are 10mm. In our experience a 10mm drill on a hammer setting will produce a much larger hole, depending on the material you are drilling into. We suggest you start with a smaller size drill and try the hole for size. If necessary, drill again using the next size drill until the hole will accept the plastic wall plug.

First Use

At this point you will need a pen and paper.

Having securely installed your new PinPod box you will need to fit 4 x C type batteries before it will operate. Use the Manual Override key to unlock the PinPod, rotate the door handle 90° clockwise and open the door. Remove the battery cover from the back of the blue electronics module located on the inside of the door (or lid), using a small crosshead screwdriver and insert the four batteries supplied as below.

PinPod battery cover emptyPinPod battery cover

When you insert the batteries you will hear a beeping sound and the display will be showing a message asking you to close the door.

Screen Message: Welcome to PinPod, please close door

Replace the battery cover, remove the key from the lock (don’t put it inside the PinPod!!!) close the door and lock it by turning the door handle anticlockwise

After locking the door the display will show a unique Registration Code:

Screen Message: Registration code

You need this to register your new PinPod box on the PinPod website, so write this code down. Note the final "X" character is in UPPER CASE.

You will need to create a PinPod account by visiting our website moving your curser onto the “My PinPod” button, located at the right hand side of the black bar. From the drop down menu you will need to select “Register” in order to register your PinPod and receive your Activation Code. Your PinPod will not operate without it. Note: entering the code is case sensitive so be sure to use UPPER CASE for the final "X" character.

N.B. The My PinPod area of is not accessed by the orange “login” or “create account” links above the black line, these are purely for placing and viewing your orders.

Here you will initially be asked to provide basic contact information, we will then send an email in order for you to verify your email address, so we will be able to contact if you have any issues. The email will have a link for you to click on which will take you to the PinPod back office, where you will be requested to create your password. For additional security you will also be asked to select your security question and record your answer.

Log into your “My PinPod account”, click on the “Add new PinPod box” button and it will take you to the following page:

My PinPod account access

Enter the Registration Code that your PinPod provided. (UPPER CASE for the final "X" character)
“Box friendly name” is a way for you to identify your particular box, even if you only have one PinPod. It can be as cryptic or simple as you like.
Then enter the home or business address where your PinPod is installed.
When you are ready click the orange “Register” button.

An email containing your Activation Code will now be sent to your registered email address. You might want to write this down.

Now if you go back to your PinPod and “wake it up” by pressing any button, after 20 seconds it will prompt you for the Activation Code.

Screen Message: Enter activation code

Enter the code sent to your email address, then press the ✔ key.

You will next be prompted to enter the current date and time. This is required as the date and time are used as part of the POD codes that the PinPod produces when a delivery is made to your PinPod.

Screen Message: Enter date

Enter the new date and the press the ✔ key.

Screen Message: Enter time

Enter the new time in the 24 hour format and then press the ✔ key.

N.B. Whenever you replace the batteries, the date and time settings are lost, so you will need to enter them again.

Master PIN

The PinPod will now prompt you to set up your four digit Master PIN number.

Screen Message: Enter new master PIN

We suggest you don’t use commonly used numbers such as 1234 or 1111. Choose a number you can remember. In the event that you forget your Master PIN there is an emergency reset process. You will need to contact us by email for details.

To check if you have entered it correctly, you will be asked to confirm your Master PIN, by entering it a second time.

Screen Message: Confirm PIN code

Accessing the User Menu

Now you have your Master PIN set up you can start using your PinPod.

Your PinPod will request that you enter your Master PIN which will always take you directly into the first option within the User Menu.

The display will read:

  • 1. Open the door

To choose this option press the ✔ key.

If you don’t want to open the door, you will be able to use the arrow keys to scroll through the options...

  • 2. Guest PIN (auto)
  • 3. Guest PIN (manual)
  • 4. Guest PIN (multi)
  • 5. Used PIN log
  • 6. Active PIN list
  • 7. Clock Change log
  • 8. Set Date and time
  • 9. Change Master PIN

2. Guest PIN (auto)

To choose this option press the ✔ key.

In this mode your Pinpod will generate a PIN for you. Why would you need to have PinPod suggest 4 digit numbers for you? We reckon that by the time you have used a few birthdays and things you’ll soon find you’re trying to use duplicate PINs. A Guest PIN can only be used once. It is then deleted and added to the Used PIN log. Guest PIN (auto) will always randomly create a new PIN. Auto generated Guest PINs are checked against the “Active PIN List” and “Used PIN Log” to ensure they are new before displaying them.

You can accept the suggestion by pressing the key and the Guest PIN will be saved and stored in a list called the “Active PIN List”.

If you intend to use this automatically generated PIN number, write it down so you don’t forget it before you need it. You might want to create a number of Guest PINs and keep a list beside you when you’re shopping on the internet.

If you don’t want to use the suggested PIN press the “X” key. This also applies to the other types of PIN (manual & multi).

Guest PINs (both auto and manual) not used after a month will expire.

3. Guest PIN (manual)

This allows you to create a 4 digit PIN yourself. Like a Guest PIN (auto) it can be used just once before it is added to the Used PIN log. If the PIN is currently active the PinPod will display:

  • PIN already active
  • Please try again

If the PIN has already been used it will display:

  • PIN in used log
  • Please try again

To choose this option or save a new PIN, press the ✔ key.

Pressing the X key will cause the PIN code not to be saved and you will be returned to the User Menu.

Guest PINs (both auto and manual) not used after a month will expire.

4. Guest PIN (multi)

As the name implies multi PINs can be used multiple times. The multi use PIN is perfect for anyone you know and trust e.g. leave a key somewhere safe for family and friends or perhaps for your milkman to pick up his money once a week. You may issue multiple multi PINs allocating different PINs to different people.

N.B. This type of PIN code is a potential security risk. The option has been provided for your convenience.

To choose this option or save your multi-use PIN, press the ✔ key.

The guest PIN (multi) unlike the Guest PIN (auto) and Guest PIN (manual) does not expire.

To view or change your multi-use PINs see 6. Active PIN list

5. Used PIN log

To choose this option, press the ✔ key. Whenever a PIN code is used to open the PinPod box that PIN number, together with the date and time it was used, are recorded in the “Used PIN Log”.
You can scroll through the list (using the arrow keys) and check when, or if, the PIN was used.

6. Active PIN list

To choose this option, press the ✔ key. You can scroll through a list of PINs that are currently valid.
If you want to delete any, press the X key and it will display:
Delete PIN xxxx?
To delete press ✔ again


The display will read:
PIN deleted

7. Clock Change log

To choose this option, press the ✔ key.
The PinPod will display:
Was battery change to
followed by a date and time. You can scroll though the Clock Change log using the arrow keys, the most recent is displayed first.


8. Set Date and Time

To choose this option, press the ✔ key.
YYYY-MM-DD (Year-Month-Date)
To confirm press the ✔ key
HH-MM (Hour-Minute) 24 hour clock system
To confirm press the ✔ key


9. Change Master PIN

To choose this option press the ✔ key
Screen Message: Enter new master PIN

Enter the new PIN code and then press the ✔ key. If the code exists in the Active PIN List you will see the message below.

Screen Message: PIN already exists, please try again

Pressing the X key will delete the digits one at a time until none are left, at which point it will exit the option.

Otherwise you will be asked to confirm the new PIN code by entering it again.

Screen Message: Confirm PIN code

If the confirmation code does not match then you will see the following error message:

Screen Message: PINs do not match

As confirmation that you have correctly changed the Master PIN; you will see the message:

Screen Message: Master PIN is ...

followed by:

Screen Message: Master PIN updated