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So, what is the PinPod home and business parcel delivery box?


PinPod is a patented, self-contained, interactive access control system making your remote shopping experience more reliable, convenient and complete.  With the PinPod system you merely enter a unique PIN code into the address or 'delivery comments' field when you shop online - how simple is that? You need never miss another delivery!

PinPod is an intelligent, electronic, parcel delivery box for your home or business - simple to use, easy to install and very secure. The PinPod unattended delivery and pickup box receives and “signs for” your deliveries while you’re away – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Manufactured in solid steel, the PinPod outdoor parcel delivery box has a simple user-friendly keypad with LCD display and can be installed on the wall, on the ground or mounted on a post outside your home or business.

The PinPod unattended delivery box is both a home and business delivery system that makes it possible for you to receive and ship packages at any time – even when you're not there. How is that possible? Through our patented, self-contained system that integrates a tough, steel box with the latest electronic locking systems. What we offer our customers is nothing short of an outdoor safe that protects packages against the weather and thieves.

We offer a smaller outdoor parcel delivery box, the PinPod Hi, available in 6 different models that can be mounted on the wall or on a post. This is the perfect solution for a home or for businesses that primarily accept smaller packages such as CDs, DVDs, books, jewellery, watches, gifts, mobile phones, clothes, important documents, electronic components, spare parts, etc. Our floor-standing parcel delivery locker box, the PinPod Lo, is a large steel chest - currently available in 3 different models.  The PinPod Lo makes it possible to accept much larger deliveries. Both versions are easily mounted securely from the inside using up to four solid steel fixings.

PinPod - home parcel delivery box - bring your home into the 21st century

What if the items you order are too large to fit in your PinPod?  If the carrier arrives and the parcel or goods will not fit then the worst case is that you're in the same situation you're in today - i.e. the courier will either leave it with a neighbour or "card" the delivery.  However another option to consider is to leave a key to your shed, garage or outhouse inside your PinPod.  You will then need to request that the carrier uses the PIN that you have provided to gain access to the key and obviously request that he returns it securely back to your PinPod unit once your goods have been delivered securely.  Providing your retailer is happy to oblige, then this can work well as a solution for deliveries of large white goods, crates of wine, furniture, large electrical goods, supermarket groceries etc. Clearly there are security implications and both you and the retailer will need to assess the risk and come to an agreement - but it is an option. 

PinPod - parcel delivery safe box outside your home

The PinPod reception box is not just another flimsy collection box that barely keeps your packages dry in the rain. It is one of the toughest parcel delivery and pickup box systems on the market. What's more, it allows you to set and control the level of security you need for your home or business.

You can issue multiple use PINs to those vendors you work with frequently. You can also assign vendors a single use PIN for each separate delivery, simply by entering the number into the delivery instructions given at the time of purchase. A single use PIN (Personal Identity Number) code not only prevents repeated access, a POD (Proof Of Delivery) code issued by the system also acts as delivery confirmation for your packages. It is by generating and issuing a unique 9 digit alphanumeric POD code, which differs for each delivery that our patented PinPod parcel management system is able to "sign" for your consignments on your behalf - and with the chances of any of these POD codes being identical at over 50 billion to one, we actually think this is even more secure than a human signature.

You keep the entire system secure by assigning the master PIN that only you know. And if you ever need it, PinPod has a manual override lock that will take the electronics entirely out of the equation.

PinPod Lo - large unattended parcel reception box for your home 

You no longer have to worry about accepting or shipping packages at any time of the day or night. Whether you are not home or you just do not have the time to set aside to wait for the courier, the PinPod system is the perfect Internet delivery solution for your home or business.

What is PinPod? There are actually many ways of answering this. We asked a number of people to write down the exact terms that they would use when searching on the internet to find a product like the PinPod parcel delivery box. Here are some of the search phrases they say they would have used:

"A way to receive parcels at home when I’m not in.

Somewhere where the postman can leave parcels safely when the homeowner is out.

A solution to the problem of missed deliveries.

Fed up of those “Sorry, we missed you” post cards – this parcel delivery box is the answe.r

Post box big enough to receive parcels when you’re not at home.

Some kind of safe parcel box or home delivery box to be installed outside my property for when I’m away from the house.

An unattended parcel delivery and reception box for outside your house or business.

Somewhere safe to put packages when I’m not at home.

A secure electronic parcel dropbox for the home.

A mail box for parcels.

A safe place to leave parcels and packages when there’s no one at home.

A lockable storage box for parcel receiving parcels outside your house.

A secure delivery point for packages and parcels and groceries when you shop remotely but just can’t stay in all day waiting.

Somewhere parcels can be kept safe without compromising the security of your property."


Rob McAlister, MD of PinPod Ltd, when asked about PinPod described the product as follows:

“I think of PinPod as more than just a secure lockable box that sits outside your house for receiving parcels.  As time goes by and as internet shopping continues to grow, I can see other competitor products battling for the space outside people’s homes and businesses. In the same way as your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone have become your electronic gateway to the virtual world of online shopping, I see PinPod integrating with this as your “parcel portal”, as the physical gateway to internet shopping. PinPod is your personal parcel management system, helping you control deliveries and also collections to and from your property. PinPod is the missing link in creating a 100 percent perfect online shopping experience.” 

PinPod - the smart parcel delivery safe box for your home

It's always difficult to describe a new concept but what ever you call it PinPod is now not just a concept, it's a real product which meets a real and growing need and it's available right now. So, if you're a regular shopper on the internet, if you can place a value to your time ... PinPod - what are you waiting for? 

PinPod Hi S1 parcel delivery box
PinPod Hi S2 parcel delivery box
PinPod Hi S3 parcel delivery box
PinPod Hi S4 parcel delivery box
PinPod Hi S5 parcel delivery box
PinPod Hi S6 parcel delivery box
PinPod - post mounted parcel reception box
PinPod - parcel delivery boxes in the city
PinPod parcel delivery box - where will you put yours?