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Who is the PinPod outdoor parcel delivery box for?

If you and your family shop on the internet, by mail order or if you love TV shopping; if you are an active “eBayer” or if you run your own business and are frequently away from the office, then our PinPod parcel delivery box is for you. PinPod is an unattended delivery and reception box that saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

The easiest way to explain whom we designed the PinPod outdoor parcel delivery box for is to simply say it is for anyone who regularly shops online or arranges for courier pickups at their home or office. You may not see yourself as this type of individual, but maybe you are. Let us talk about the different types of people that make up our main customer base:

  • eBayers – eBay is the granddaddy of online auction sites, is it not? So ask yourself, how many eBay purchases do you make every month. If it's more than one or two, you are a prime candidate for PinPod. All of your eBay purchases can be delivered to your wall-mounted drop box whether you are home or not.
  • Amazon Shoppers – Even if you do not use eBay frequently, you likely shop on Amazon from time to time. Once again, you are a perfect candidate for the secured PinPod delivery bin. Issue a single use PIN code for each separate delivery to maintain maximum security. Alternatively, issue a multiple use code for vendors you work with frequently.
  • Just can't get to the door easily - Or maybe don't want to be disturbed. If a person can't get to their door, or simply doesn't want to, a PinPod parcel pod can remove the stressful aspect of missing that important delivery or collection.
  • Contractors – With contractors, their homes are also their offices. However, that does not necessarily mean that, if you are a contractor, you are always in your office to receive your packages. A floor standing PinPod becomes your safe and secure drop-off and pickup box.
  • Small Business Owners – As a successful small business owner, you and your staff may not always be available to deal with couriers. With PinPod, you don't have to be. Install either a floor or wall model, set your electronic codes, and forget about it. You will never have to worry about waiting around for couriers again.
    PinPod Lo - large electronic receiving box for multiple parcels

PinPod - smart parcel delivery safe box for the modern home
PinPod - rural parcel delivery box
PinPod - urban parcel delivery box

PinPod is a great home delivery system that incorporates the latest in electronic security with the convenience of an outdoor delivery safe. Nevertheless, it is not just for package delivery and pickup. You can also use your PinPod parcel drop box to leave payment for your milkman or window cleaner. You can leave a spare house key in your box and assign a single use PIN code to guests that might be arriving from out of town while you are at work. The possibilities are endless.

Parcel Delivery Box for Elderly, Disabled or Mobility Impaired People

The PinPod parcel delivery box is is also suitable for elderly, disabled or mobility impaired people. And here’s why –

  • Disabled people probably shop online more because of the difficulties in getting to the shops.
  • Some disabled people have medications delivered very frequently.
  • It can often be difficult to get to the door in time. For some, it can be hard to hear the doorbell ring.
  • With the wall-mounted PinPod Hi a disabled person in a wheelchair can have it fixed at just the right height.
  • The larger floor standing PinPod Lo is relatively easy to access with a wheelchair.  


Our patented PinPod parcel collection box is meant for anyone looking for a secure, safe space for packages and other items.

Is it right for you? It might very well be.

PinPod Hi - home delivery parcel safe