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Why choose the PinPod home parcel box?

Remote shopping is great, but it suffers from one major problem which has yet to be satisfactorily resolved. Having to stay in and wait all day for a delivery is an inconvenience and a cost. Missing a delivery and finding a delivery company’s calling card through the letterbox is a growing modern lifestyle problem. It can be time-consuming and costly to have to travel to the carrier’s nearest depot to retrieve your parcel, particularly for people without transport or who live in rural areas. PinPod is the only product that completely solves this problem, offering convenience and security to homes and businesses alike. Anyone who receives or despatches goods from a home or business address will benefit from a PinPod delivery box.

You no longer have to stay in and wait for deliveries or run the risk of having to drive to the delivery company’s nearest depot to collect the parcel if “carded” - no more lost Saturdays or lunchtime queues. The PinPod home parcel box gives you reliability and convenience. It's true that some companies are now offering "locker box" collection points but these are only available in a limited number of locations and in reality are not much more convenient than having to travel to the parcel company's depot anyway.  They are often only open at limited times and not always conveniently located. “Click & Collect” is also OK, but ideally you want delivery to your own premises – with PinPod you don’t have to go elsewhere – it's right there at your own home and open 24 hours a day - with PinPod you can simply get on with what you need to do!. 

So, how is the PinPod home and business parcel delivery box better than other products on the market?

There are many reasons why you should choose the PinPod home parcel box - the main one being that it satisfies the needs of delivery and courier firms, meaning that they are happy to deliver in your absence. Most delivery boxes will not be used by all parcel delivery companies because they require a signature - they need to show that the goods have been delivered into your hands - they will have NO PROBLEM with PinPod.

Although a small number of other companies have produced home delivery boxes or mail boxes, none of them offer the ability to issue multiple PIN numbers to allow secure access for multiple deliveries and issue multiple POD codes which change at random for each delivery. They generally have a barcode sticker on the inside of the box, which the carrier is requested to scan as proof that he has made the delivery. But of course this really is not proof as it is the same barcode time and time again. Carriers may often refuse to leave parcels in these existing boxes as they do not offer true proof of delivery.

These are often boxes designed to receive only one consignment at a time. In other words until such time as you come home and open it to retrieve your parcel it cannot accept another delivery. This means that a second delivery will still result in being "carded". PinPod allows you to use a different PIN number for each delivery which means it can receive multiple deliveries every day. Each PIN number is then disabled so that it won't work a second time. The PinPod menu can be accessed by the user to check the log of date and time each PIN was used, i.e. when each delivery or collection took place.

Another factor to consider is that their products have not been designed with the rigours of the external environment in mind - the electronic keypad is often taken from indoor safe manufacturers and is really not designed for outdoor weather conditions. We have tested many of these and found that the inner electronic components often corrode and rust within as little as just a few months!

A number of companies have produced parcel reception boxes out of plastic.  At one point during the design stage we too considered plastic.  It's certainly cheaper.  However, we rejected plastic because it's very easy for thieves to use a blow torch and quickly and silently burn their way through the box.  Or alternatively they could saw their way through in no time at all.  A parcel delivery box has to have a basic level of security as a minimum requirement and for that reason we have chosen to make the PinPod from solid steel.  It may cost a bit more but we think you should consider a parcel delivery box as a long term investment for your property.

Consider PinPod as a physical portal or gateway to the world  of remote shopping - install this amazingly simple to operate secure receiving box for parcel deliveries outside your home or business and bring your property into the 21st century.

PinPod - post mounted secure electronic parcel reception box